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Artist Statement
In Her Own Words

Cynthia pinot

“I seek to challenge, provoke and inspire audiences with metamorphic narrative storytelling, powerful  characters, iconic imagery, and layers of social-emotional complexity.  To present a powerful emotional journey that can inspire and transform.


“It has often been said that the modern age ‘disenchanted’ the world. Technology, plastic, industrial design, disposable goods, and the commodification of everything, robbed human experience of wonder, mystery, spiritual nourishment and connection with nature. These works stem from a desire to move in the opposite direction. To step away from abstraction, virtual relationships, and meta-experience, toward reality, community, and nature, by mastering the very meta-technology without hesitation, embracing it boldly. To find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the sacred in the neglected.” 
A deep connection to the romance of the Dutch Masters, I have always been drawn to its stoicism, it’s the control of emotion through chaos. Humanity has a deep well full of stories. I want to plunge in that. What I create is a take on that, add a little magical special spice, and you have an insight into what I see. I want you to feel with me, see what I see. If I have evoked emotion, I have done my job. I have synesthesia, so I see extra color, sound in everything. My memory is insane so I document as best I can, playfully of course, by using surrealism, it keeps it magical.
Not following your gift....I see as such a big travesty to the artist in oneself and those around you. I view it as a huge betrayal to your gift.  "You betray your gift, you betray yourself." 
As an artist, I feel it is our responsibility to be the voice and the eyes for others as we move through all timelines, just be present, create the truth as you see it, and hear it, without hesitation, without fear- where others cannot, even if the demands are difficult in this prosaic world.  Information, time, and technology is moving faster, and as artists it is our responsibility to humanity to continue to push the boundaries, communicate, document history through our eyes. If we do not have the courage to do so, who will.  We are on the precipice of something big, the next big artistic movement, the next big change in our human evolution.


cynthia pinot
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