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As a multi-disciplinary artist, my creative process often involves a combination of different mediums, techniques, and approaches. Depending on the project and my inspiration, my process can look quite different from one project to the next, but there are a few key elements that often are consistent.  My current collections are, drawing, illustrations photographs, photographic illustrations with heavy overpainting. I use multiple computer programs. In some cases, the original image was a photograph,  or several... but not always. I sometimes direct to a ML program, for partial composition, to digitally direct lenses, angles, camera choice,and then I go to work. Forging images, illustrating, over-drawing, erasing, removing, collaging, painting on a computer. I love my wacom pad! To me the process is like that of a film director’s chair.  I direct the Synthography process of many things. With some of my images, I perform further overpainting, incorporating elements such as, graphite, gold leaf, diamond dust, and acrylic paint.
The constant vein in all my art pieces is the human spirit, the dream, fears, the beating heart.


the quantum muse
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