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cynthia pinot

A quiet demeanored artist, Cynthia possesses a magnetic presences that draws you in. Her enigmatic aura and untamed  free spirit is resonating with art critics worldwideCynthia Pinot, is an international award winning multi-disciplinary artist,  and  photographer. Pinot started drawing  at  a young age, and was a lead photographer at a professional photography studio at age 22 with Kodak in Austin Texas.  
Cynthia, multi cultural with native roots from Casas Grandes Chuhuahua, Mexico and New Mexico, is niece to Mexican Film Legend, "El Piporro", and a former American film and television actress-model who worked in Hollywood for over 12 years,  booked a small supporting role on Rush Hour 2.  She has worked mostly in the action film genre with directors like Brett Ratner, Bryan Spicer, Jon Cassar and James Wong. Pinot later worked on an international drama entitled Jornada Al Norte in 2006. This film starred Cynthia Pinot and was featured at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, and LA Film Festival. Cynthia has worked with Jackie Chan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chris Tucker, Jet Lee, Tom Arnold and Jennifer Garner. Pinot has appeared in the television series Alias and was featured on the first season of 24 with Kiefer Sutherland.   Anne Bancroft was Cynthia's Mentor in early 2001-2002.   In 2011 Pinot expanded her artistic voice and joined  with ICON JEWELS. As a true visionary, Cynthia Pinot lends her creative voice and powerhouse talent  as artistic director. 
Pinot creates artworks that use a variety of media and techniques – drawing, motion graphics, photography, small selective programmed computer-based interaction.

Pinot was diagnosed with Synesthesia in two forms: Chromesthesia, and Spatial Sequence Synesthesia at age eight. 
Inspired by her personal cultural history, the human spirit, and the strong stoic portrait style of the Dutch Masters, magical realism, and surrealism, this artist now plays with traditional paint on canvas,  photography and  illustrations, combining that with contemporary digital tools to push the velocity and boundaries of the human expression. 
"Information, time, technology is moving faster, and as artists it is our responsibility to humanity to continue to push the boundaries, communicate, document history through our eyes. We are on the precipice of something big, the next big artistic movement. We cannot, as a community, be afraid of technology. They are just tools, that's all.   There are pioneers, and then those who follow. We are soul, organic, and beautiful" 
This artistic provocateur describes her world as both magical and ethereal. She paints her mind with geometry, physics, music, color, her affinity, and deep connection to science and the human story. 
An artistic visionary, somewhat elusive, Cynthia Pinot lends her quiet creative voice and powerhouse talent to the  international artistic community. Through her quiet introspection and uninhibited creativity, she is leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape reminding us to follow our own inner spirit and embrace the beauty of both tranquility and freedom.

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